Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Raven (2012) - Mystery | Thriller

The Raven (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie is a kind of intelligent crime fiction like 'Sherlock Holmes'. The actors in cast play their roles wonderful. The clues of the murders are amazing. But I am expecting a little bit more complex intelligent clues for the murders. 'Sherlock Holmes' series are still better than this. Emily (Alice Eve) is very beautiful girl as a beloved of Edgar (John Cusack), but her role is limited just with "as being darling". The philosophy of the movie is clear. But sometimes, I am conflicting about these concepts (i.e. criminal subjects) that whether they should detailed in movies or not. Since, all criminals are inspired from those intelligent crime scenarios. Whatever... This movie is a good one. Watch it!

Citizen Gangster (2011) - Crime | Drama

Citizen Gangster (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie is very similar to "Public Enemies" in story and pacing. While this was a good movie that is worth watching it is feels very long and drawn out. Speedman does a pretty good job in this as well as most of the other cast. The only real problem I had with this was the same I had with "Public Enemies". I felt it hard to stay focused on it the entire time and was losing interest off and on. This is not a bad movie, but be prepared for it. Overall, as close to a remake of "Public Enemies" you can get. Good, but long.

Headhunters (2011) - Crime | Thriller

Headhunters (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie came as a big surprise to me. The set up is original, the plot is twistily well executed, the characters are completely believable, the action is unrelenting and shocking, and the black humour is a complete joy. I squirmed, I laughed, I hid behind my hands, I gripped my armrests then laughed some more. Kudos to the cast and director.

Deadline (2012) - Drama | Mystery | Thriller

Deadline (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Clich├ęd dialogue, stereotypical characters and unbelievable story development plague this film "inspired by a true story". Felt like a film from the 60s, not one from 2012. Avoid.


Any Questions for Ben? (2012) - Comedy | Romance

Any Questions for Ben? (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Don't bother watching this movie unless you want to watch a narcissistic rich boy complaining about his almost perfect life and how hard it is, and sit through the worst editing you have ever seen used in a film. I cannot recommend this movie and if I had to summarise it in a word, it would be PHONY. 


Here (2011) - Adventure | Drama | Romance

Here (2011) - BAD MOVIE

  This is the type of movie you can leave for coffee and return to without missing much. At the end it boils down to the story of a rather uninteresting romance interspersed with insufferable dullard voice-overs and tedious pretentious imagery. Avoid. 

Soldiers of Fortune (2012) - Action | Adventure

Soldiers of Fortune (2012) - BAD MOVIE 

  If there ever was a disappointing movie, this one takes the cake. The camera work is really bad. It's not any better than a Holiday film shot by your neighbours. The script is silly and far-fetched. I don't mind a non-realistic film, but this is just silly. And don't even get me started on the editing of this film. I really had a hard time not to fall asleep. The action is very slow and boring. Everyone involved should be deeply ashamed and be shunned by society for their crimes. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012) - Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012) - GREAT ANIMATION

  "Madagascar 3" is simply an excellent journey there and back, where every new adventure brings a big smile to your face and sometimes tears to your eyes. It's like falling in love all over again, with the advantage of already knowing each and every character, but confident that they will not disappoint you. And they don't. They are funny and more alive than ever. I just loved it! 

Casa de mi Padre (2012) - Comedy

Casa de mi Padre (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  It initially tastes good when you take the first bite.Then, halfway through, you realise something is just not right. Towards the end, you can barely finish it. And you feel sick and nauseous afterwards *gack* Not recommended.
  Unfunny. Confused. Boring. Weak.

2 Days in New York (2012) - Comedy

2 Days in New York (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Even though this movie is cute and harmless to watch, I just can't call it a very successful one. I can see what it tried to do and be like and this all works in some parts, but more often it just doesn't. You start wondering were it all be heading at and what the overall point and purpose of the entire movie is. Luckily the movie doesn't ever get annoying, so it still remains a watchable enough little film. 

Hijacked (2012) - Action | Thriller

Hijacked (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  This film has been done a 100 times before, sadly I can't think of a worse version of the old plane hijack story than this, massive plot holes, a story that lacks any real drama and acting that is straight out of the wood shop.
  Save your time, go watch some adverts instead!

Night of the Templar (2012) - Action | Comedy | Drama

Night of the Templar (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  This is without a shadow of a doubt one of the worst films ever made. The idea of the film is bad, the storyline dreadful and the acting? Seriously, it's just so bad my toes were curling.
  Avoid at all costs!

Tape 407 (2012) - Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Tape 407 (2012) - WORST MOVIE

   This movie sucks not only as a movie, but in principle as well. It's lazy to the point of being pathetic, but in this current environment which lacks shame of any kind, they will continue to be made.
  Aim low, filmmakers. Aim very, very low. Do this, and you'll always achieve your dreams. 

The Magic of Belle Isle (2012) - Comedy | Drama

The Magic of Belle Isle (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  I don't mind movies trying to make you cry or feel warm, but this thing here goes so far overboard that it really did seem like an eight-year-old girl wrote it. The dialogue is beyond bad and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what the film was trying to do. This is the type of film that is so lazily written that you can't help but want to throw your hands up and just give up on the entire thing. Everything in this movie just happens for no apparent reason. The overall sense, however, is of a movie that wants to be morally upright but isn't above a little shameless manipulation.

Wild Bill (2012) - Drama

Wild Bill - GOOD MOVIE

  'Wild Bill' isn’t necessarily exceptional, and it does adhere a bit too rigidly to the formula for these types of family dramas. However, it has a witty script and solid cast to help counter the somewhat predictable plotting and structure. It’s a solid little British film, with a fair amount of charm to it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) - Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) - GREAT ANIMATION

  The "Ice Age" movies were all fantastic. The animation is great, the voice acting is hilarious and every movie got a great story. But, to me, the best movie in the franchise is "Ice Age 4". The story is even stronger, the animation is better and the voice acting are absolutely great. Continental Drift is gratifying escapism for the whole family that, despite being the fourth outing for these prehistoric creatures, it's still magnificent!

Cleanskin (2012) - Crime | Drama | Thriller

Cleanskin (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  What I enjoyed most about this films that it showed both sides of the story without being preachy, one sided or have an agenda. What made me watch it all the way through is that it was all built into the thriller format. The action comes thick and fast and the film benefits from screen writing which is both economical and expansive whilst the dialogue ranges from the gritty to the poetical. 'Cleanskin' is insightful and thrilling. Catch this while you can and you won't be disappointed! 

Why Stop Now (2012) - Comedy | Drama

Why Stop Now (2012) - BAD MOVIE

 "Why Stop Now" asks the question how far would you go to get into rehab? Eli (Jesse Eisenberg) is a smart kid, a piano prodigy, and is desperate to get his mother into rehab. His mother (Melissa Leo) is an annoying, high-strung coke-addict who has to go to rehab now or else Eli will never get to live his own life. The various plot descriptions available all get the rehab misunderstanding wrong, but it doesn't matter, it's ridiculous either way. I tried to like this movie, but I couldn't. There are too many dull moments where the comedy falls flat and jokes that don't work.

Safe (2012) - Action | Crime | Thriller

Safe (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie is all about action and unexpected twists. Thumbs up for the remarkable action and gun shooting! After watching this movie, it made me want to shoot and run after the bad guys! Ha!  
  100% ACTION

The Three Stooges (2012) - Comedy

The Three Stooges (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  This might have been funny in the 1930's, but it's definitely not funny now with stupid humor that makes me question my intelligence. The stunts are incomprehensible and flagrant. You won't laugh, you'll just look down, clenching your face wondering why this tripe was ever considered funny enough to be made into a feature film. You won't show any human reaction besides wondering why you're watching one of the worst movies ever made.

360 (2011) - Drama | Romance

360 (2011) - BAD MOVIE

  Wildly unbalanced, a number of the various plot strands are given more screen time than others. We begin with two Slovakian sisters in Vienna - one of whom is a newly recruited female escort - who is then requested by Jude Laws' British businessman. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Law's character decides not to follow through with their rendezvous and returns to his wife Rose (Weisz) and daughter in London. So begins a web of infidelity, chance encounters and mundane dialogue taking in a number of locales including Paris and Denver International Airport before heading back to Vienna in an elliptical '360' - get it? A film with too many ingredients in the bag, the experience of watching '360' is like a five course dinner without any breathing room between dishes.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011) - Comedy | Drama | Romance

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (2011) - BAD MOVIE

  It all started off as a good idea - a love story, a daft scientist, a gentle, but crazy project... But, where did it go wrong? Well, the story is a mish-mash, it tries to be romantic, it tries to be funny and somehow these get in the way of each other. Situations are set up and then there is a twist. Over and over again. Very few things happen that are not predictable. Westerners and the Arab elite have been portrayed as far superior to the ignorant masses, despite the fact the country belongs to these masses and let's not forget the fate visited on the poor fish in this story, which by the way was not believable. I read somewhere that the book was a satire; sadly, this movie is a failed rom-com. 

The Good Doctor (2011) - Drama | Thriller

The Good Doctor (2011) - BAD MOVIE

  'The Good Doctor' is about a young doctor getting obsessed with his teenage patient so much that he change her medicines to keep her longer in the hospital. The movie leaves viewers unsatisfied because there are not enough clues to explain the intent of the doctor or the intent of the movie's creators. Viewers are left with some big questions. Is the doctor so lonely as to want Diane to remain in the hospital indefinitely? Does Dr. Blake instead want Diane's respect or gratitude so that he would like to save her from a more serious condition? Or is Diane's case an experiment due to the doctor's obsession with infectious disease?
 Just move along folks, nothing to see here...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty (2012) - Animation | Adventure | Family

The Secret World of Arrietty (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  Some times even the simplest things teaches us so many things and answer most difficult questions. Wow, this movies has awaken my childish part. The music, the artwork, the animation, the voices, and the plot are all fantastic.  
  "The Secret World of Arrietty" is a beautiful anime film for the whole family and it is immensely enjoyable from beginning to end, and I highly recommend it to anyone. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lockout (2012) - Thriller | Action | Sci-Fi

Lockout (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  'Lockout' is a product of outright laziness. There is nothing new here, nothing unique, and nothing to recommend. Aside from a few good jokes from our hero, Snow (Guy Pearce), the film has nothing going for it. The plot is stock beyond belief, the dialogue is groan-inducing, and the action editing is some of the worst in years. What is technically a good idea on paper, a prison break in space, is spoiled with extremely lousy and inept filmmaking.
  Skip it!

Being Flynn (2012) - Comedy | Drama

Being Flynn (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  This film is about a young man whose father left and his mother killed herself. Years later, he meets his father again unexpectedly in a homeless shelter.
  Unfortunately, the plotting and narrative line of the movie were very disappointing. Whereas most films of this type have an up-and-down narrative arc, the relentless drive of these characters towards the bottom of their lives, with just a small bit of redemption by the end, detracted from what was otherwise a compelling story of an absent father and a damaged son circling their way back to each other.
  Final verdict: Too small and dark to appeal to a large audience, it's not a movie to cherish.