Saturday, September 22, 2012

Arbitrage (2012) - Drama | Thriller

Arbitrage (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  For more than 30 years Richard Gere has been a star, not afraid to share the spotlight with his fellow actors, arguably creating some of them along the way. Can you imagine "Pretty Woman" without his chemistry with Julia? He was also superb as the desperate husband in "Unfaithful". Once again, he takes the center spotlight, giving a powerful performance as the financial magnate who is suddenly in trouble because of the way the financial market operates, and most importantly, a little bad luck. The movie is very well made, with better than average acting, and challenging the viewer to understand the differences and similarities between two different worlds. The big question is are more similar than we think? or is the gap too wide to ever close it? Whatever you decide, get ready for a thrilling ride. 

Prometheus (2012) - Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Prometheus (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  The WHOLE MOVIE is a litany of ludicrous so-called science, schoolboy errors, and pseudo-profundity about the origin of species. Ironic really, when none of the crew would have a chance in hell in any sort of contest governed by Darwinian rules. Prometheus is not the intelligent, emotionally satisfying prequel that Alien deserves. It's a derisory, empty experience - and anyone who loved Alien is surely too old and too smart to be fobbed off with something this bad just because it's shiny. 
   This movie is an insult to human intelligence and a waste of time and space. Stay away from this. PLEASE!

Goats (2012) - Comedy

Goats (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  I tried to like this movie, I wanted to like this movie and I even watched this movie till the weak ending, but this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. The acting and the script were horrible. There were "plot twists" that went nowhere and were not explained away except maybe on the floor of the cutting room. There is just so many weak attempts to make film likable and cram it all into 94 minutes that you end up detesting not only the characters, but the actors for allowing themselves to take part in this travesty. Just avoid it!

Inseparable (2011) - Drama | Thriller

Inseparable (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  A tragedy and recovery. Thoughtful journey and emotional struggle. Very enjoyable, subtly comedic, well planned and insightful. Good character development, wonderful acting and enjoyable soundtrack. Good storytelling and is deeply insightful. I don't really want to talk to much more about the story, as you need to just see this movie. If you love getting lost in the story, and connecting with the main character, this gives you a chance to feel his thoughts and to think as he would, to really sympathize with the character and question your own thought process and existence. Definitely worth a watch.


Four Assassins (2012) - Thriller

Four Assassins (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Script, acting, fight scenes, set design - accents - you name it, it's absolutely terrible. Not worth your time. Or theirs. I can't even recommend this movie as something to watch when you have nothing better to do. Instead, go outside, sit on grass, watch grass grow and meditate. Whatever you think about during it will be very likely more entertaining than this movie. 


I Am Gabriel (2012) - Family

I Am Gabriel (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  What's the point of this movie? Where's the suspense? Where's the build up? Where's the mystery? Kid walks up, they almost hit him, they take him to the doctor, he spills everything. Haven't these writers ever heard "God works in mysterious ways?" Apparently not. 

Magic Mike (2012) - Biography | Comedy | Drama

Magic Mike (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  I found nothing to like about this movie. It is billed firstly as a comedy and then as a drama. There was no comedy. I didn't laugh. The script was dreadful. There was no drama. Why did anyone think it would be a good idea to make this film?
  The acting was wooden. The story line weak. The soundtrack abysmal. The dialogue dire. I was bored. I kept hoping the movie would have at least one redeeming feature. It fails miserably on all counts. Don't watch it!

Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (2012) - Comedy | Drama

Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  This was not an enjoyable film and the talents of Keener, Fonda and Olsen are wasted as they are given nothing roles in a film not worth you time or effort. Badly written and directed.

Girl in Progress (2012) - Comedy | Drama

Girl in Progress (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  'Girl in Progress' is an old story about a young girl told in a smart way, and that's something you don't see every day, no matter how many times you think you've seen it before. Yes, it has its flaws, but worth watching.

Dark Shadows (2012) - Comedy | Fantasy

Dark Shadows (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Sometimes when a talented director and actor get together to make a film they forget something, like a cohesive plot. Not to worry, they just fill in the void with computer generated special effects, sexual encounters that completely lack chemistry, some boring 1970s clich├ęs and a werewolf. Hey, it's Tim Burton! It's Johnny Depp! So grab some popcorn and watch as these Hollywood Giants c*** their pants. This movie is horrible. Lame from beginning to end. Poor timing by all involved. It appears that neither Burton nor anyone else involved was sure what they wanted this movie to be, so it fails to be anything. It is neither dark nor scary. 

The Avengers (2012) - Action | Sci-Fi

The Avengers (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  What a disappointment, although really not surprised at how bad it was. A totally boring, endless and mostly witless movie aimed at brain-deadened people who think that special effects, explosions and fantasy but definitely not fantastic characters make for a great movie. The cinematography was gray and cloudy, the editing incomprehensible, and the acting unsurprising and depressingly familiar. Simple, human emotions, which used to be integral to a movie are now so rare. Noise and all-too-familiar mayhem have been substituted. Sure I wanted the good guys to win! Sure the guys have cute muscles and the gals are all pretty! But, really now, who cares when there is zero character development and the storyline is about as exciting as watching Frosty The Snowman for the tenth time! 

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) - Comedy | Drama | Romance

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  Imagine that the end of the world is coming, so what would you do in the time you have left on Earth? Instead of being a science fiction film with facts, numbers, explosions, or action the film takes a different look at what two people could possibly experience given the situation at hand.
  If there is a lesson in this film it's simply "Carpe Diem" translation Seaze the Day. Whatever you want to do the most in life, do it now because no of us have as much time as we think. A journey to the end is really a journey to the beginning.


People Like Us (2012) - Drama

People Like Us (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  The script, the characters all unfold in a tight, well-edited, emotive and best of all meaningful feature film experience. While some might only experience the predictable, formulaic plot, the script and the director infuse the story with more genuine, 'People Like Us' ordinary, audience people into the movie. This movie forces its audience to reflect on the "what if" it was me having to make these decisions, what would I do. A truly inspirational and enlightening movie.

Soldiers of Fortune (2012) - Action | Adventure

Soldiers of Fortune (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  The film is just terrible from the first minute, it was so awful I kept watching hoping that it would get better and redeem itself, but that never happened, it just got worse. It might have helped if there were some laughs, but there really weren't any. Do yourself a favour and find anything else to do other than watch this insult to your intelligence. 

Stealing Las Vegas (2012) - Crime | Thriller

Stealing Las Vegas (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  This movie is just awful. Nobody acts like a real person. The robbery is lame. The cast politically correct. The filmmakers even try to pull on your heartstrings with an autistic boy. And once the actors started ACTING IN SLO-MOTION during a pivotal scene, I hurt myself laughing. Mega thumbs down. 

The Dinosaur Project (2012) - Adventure | Sci-Fi

The Dinosaur Project (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  This movie is just dull, nothing exciting happened, the story didn't really make sense, the characters plain didn't make sense, it was full of flaws, and really was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, I don't like saying that a movie is 'Utter ****' because of course everybody has their own opinion, and most movies do have their good points. This on the other hand had nothing.
  Don't even waste your time watching this. Not even to see how not to make a movie, because its just common sense to not make something this awful. 

What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012) - Comedy | Drama | Romance

What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  This movie cannot decide if it should be a comedy or a serious drama. For its entire 110 minutes, the movie goes back and forth between straight silly comedy to straight serious drama... very, very annoying. Mega thumbs down. 

Wish You Were Here (2012) - Drama | Mystery

Wish You Were Here (2012 - GOOD MOVIE

  'Wish You Were Here' brings real hope that there is still real talent left in the movie industry. This movie was somebody's baby, with obvious signs that serious time was taken on how to reveal each scene while building up to an emotional response with the audience. This movie may leave some viewers feeling that some of the film was slow and simple, but that's part of the beauty here folks. 'Wish You Were Here' I say well done! 


Touchback (2011) - Drama | Family | Sport

Touchback (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  'Touchback' is a good movie addressing themes that Hollywood doesn't advocate very often: seeing purpose in your life, satisfaction with what you have, leaving regrets in the past, second chances, personal reflection, and a reminder that no matter how bleak things appear in a given moment, there are family, friends, and community who care about you.
  Yes, there are some cheesy spots, and a few instances of questionable acting, not to mention the high school students/athletes look over 30! But if you can get past the minor flaws, and look to the powerful themes in this movie you will not be disappointed. 

Interview with a Hitman (2012) - Action | Thriller

Interview with a Hitman (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  Although the story premise is interesting, the screenplay falls short of the mark. It would be generous to say it was simply boring, but this is worse. Very little action. Awful effects. No attention to detail. No effort made for story continuity. Zero entertainment value in my opinion. Don't waste your time!