Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Dictator (2012) - Comedy

The Dictator (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie is absolutely dirty, offensive, hilarious, racist, and has crazy over-the-top moments. Cohen plays a silly ruthless dictator named Admiral General Aladeen. He is very anti-semitic and plans on creating nuclear weapons. He hates the very idea of democracy. While on his way to the United Nations, he's betrayed and shaven so no one would recognize him. He's taken in by Zoey, a vegan hippie, and gives him a job at her store. Will Aladeen make it to the U.N. to stop democracy from coming to his country, or will Zoey change his heart? I would definitely recommend THE DICTATOR!

Mirror Mirror (2012) - Adventure | Comedy | Drama

Mirror Mirror (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie cleverly balances a fairly faithful retelling of the story with a simultaneous gently subversive deconstruction, and I must praise the script right from the start: it is both clever and funny. Julia Roberts is hilarious and evil as the Queen,  Lily Collins is an absolute delight, sweet and vulnerable, yet also with a degree of feistiness. The dwarfs and the Prince are all very funny.
  This film is charming and delightful, and has a number of surprises, some of which are a treat (the poisoned apple, and the musical ending, to name but two). Don't judge this one by it's trailer. 

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Drama | History | War

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - GREAT MOVIE

  I bumped into this movie accidentally (even though it's from 2008), so I didn't have much expectations, but WOW! This movie is by far one of the most powerful movies I have ever seen. This movie has an ending, possibly, one of the most outstanding, frightening and mind blowing, ever recorded on film. The whole point of 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' is to tell a story about the Holocaust through the eyes of a child. A young child would not have an concept of prejudicing someone and can question the groundless basis for these views. They really resemble our own thoughts when they think people can't possibly harm other people like that. They have unlimited faith in the grown ups who are supposed to keep them safe, and even if bad things happen to them, they think it just belongs that way. A beautiful and poignant film about innocence, loyalty and friendship, set within the sheer horror of the Holocaust. It is definitely a film worth seeing!

Safe House (2012) - Action | Crime | Mystery

Safe House (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Taking into consideration the quality of Washington's previous movies, this is perhaps one of his worst ever. Endless shootouts with no purpose, flat done-to-death story. I was hugely surprised that this is what he has to say yes to and waste a year's worth of work for! The movie is a long never-ending scene after scene of shoot outs (and as usual nobody gets hurt), and car chases that are very lame. One after the other, after the other, after the other, after the other. No thrill in it either. AVOID this movie!

Bad Ass (2012) - Action | Drama

Bad Ass (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  I can't believe how suck ass this movie is. I came into it expecting a "bad ass" vigilante film starring Danny Trejo and costarring Ron Perlman and other talented actors. What a combination. It must be "bad ass" right. Oh, my, how wrong I was. This movie is so boring it is unbelievable. Perhaps they couldn't afford a Danny Trejo kung fu expert to do the stunts because the fight scenes are so stupid they will make you scream. It's sad. Here I thought it was, Danny's first real opportunity to play a serious lead role, and instead it just turned out to be even less than a grindhouse ripoff. It's just nonsense. Don't bother.

Goon (2011) - Comedy | Sport

Goon (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  What would you think of a movie called Goon? I honestly had no idea what to expect, except from some of the previews. That said, straight out of the gate I was laughing. In fact, I laughed over and over throughout the entire film. So amusing. It really was a fun time out at the movies. Just watched the trailer and laughed again. Do yourself a big favour and see this movie! 

The Philly Kid (2012) - Action | Drama

The Philly Kid (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  The Philly Kid is your typical “guy out of prison trying to go straight” film. He has shitty friends. He has to help them, even though he doesn’t want to. There’s a love interest who is willing to look past his shady history… until it rears its ugly head to make an appearance again. The fighting aspects of the film are just as cliché as the other aspects. There are shady promoters, the inevitable “throw the fight” conflict, the whole “learning to be violent as hell” thing, and the reluctant fighter shtick. There’s very little that is original here… and yeah, I’d rather watch something else.

Thin Ice (2011) - Comedy | Crime | Drama

Thin Ice (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie is interesting and entertaining, even if just for the acting alone, which is superb. The movie pulled you into its uncomfortably edgy, eerie and yet comical approach. A good mix of turmoil, tension and comedy. Greg Kinnear plays the crooked insurance agent who plots to steal a million dollar violin from an old man for whom he is writing an insurance policy. Billy Crudup is very effective as the crooked locksmith who manages to get himself tangled up in the theft. Alan Arkin is great as the old man who plays the patsy, but turns out to be the real brains behind a con that was so elaborate and intricate that I find it hard to believe they could actually pull it off. 
  Worth seeing for many, but mostly for those performances.


Iron Sky (2012) - Action | Comedy | Sci-Fi

Iron Sky (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  This movie is neither funny nor exciting. After 30 minutes of watching it, I still didn't know where this movie is heading to. It's pure nonsense, it's boring and its jokes are much too shallow to be really funny. No plot. No reasons. If you haven't watch it yet, please don't...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get the Gringo (2012) - Action | Drama

Get the Gringo (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  Mel Gibson is back to kicking ass and being cool. No doubt he is the highlight of the show and it is great to watch him being in one of his better roles in recent years. This movie is a killer, pulp-esque Tarantino style revenge flick with a LOT of heart, humor, intelligent dialog and severe consequences. It grabs you at the start and never leaves you alone. You really don't want it to end actually.
  Mel, you are legendary. Live long, live strong.

John Carter (2012) - Action | Adventure | Fantasy

John Carter (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  It is a wonderful adventure, science fiction and I think Edgar Rice Burroughs would be honored (author of the original book). When you take into consideration that the book was written in 1912 they did an outstanding job of honoring the intention of the book and making it work in 2012 as a 3D movie. The 3D and creatures were very well done. Go see it, let it entertain you and have fun. Leave your critical mind at the door and then think of all the science fiction that has been influenced by a book written 100 years ago. 

The Decoy Bride (2011) - Comedy | Drama

The Decoy Bride (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  Do you like Scottish accent? Or you are just a fan of the lovely English humour? Then may be you are up for some stunningly peaceful landscapes and views of sun setting over bluish cliffs while harmonious tide splashes against them? But I guess you'd fancy some romance - something nice. but not sugary, yet not overly dramatic? Well whatever it is, you will find it in this beautiful, funny movie, quite not cliché and honestly quite enchanting. Go ahead and watch it! 

Act of Valor (2012) - Action | Adventure | Thriller

Act of Valor (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  This movie is more like watching someone play Call of Duty. The story is not very good, the script is painful, and the acting is like a lame robot reading off lines. Everything is portrayed as if going to war is a good, noble thing. As if America must lovingly shower the world in peace bullets. When one American soldier is hit square in the chest with a rocket, and survives without so much as a bruise, he places his hand tenderly on the American flag as if to say "thank you, America. You are always there for me." Sorry, but this is just a bad propaganda fairy tale.

Snow White: A Deadly Summer (2012) - Horror

Snow White: A Deadly Summer (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  It's a trend to update classic fairy tales, or even let them take place in modern times, like this movie does. Or well, at least tries to do. It has no scares, no tension, no gore, no mystery but what is even worse, it has absolutely no enjoyment value to it. It's just a terribly cheap looking movie! Just save yourself the effort and only watch this film if you really, really enjoy awful movies with no redeeming features whatsoever. 

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) - Action | Adventure | Comedy

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  I don't know what was worse. The story, the acting, or The Rock playing the ukulele. 
 The lines, the mimics, the situations, even the humor (which was supposed to be funny... don't know how yet.. ) looked, sounded and felt like plastic bags. They all felt so unnatural, and out of character. The story is... well there isn't much of a story... only that 3 different people, wrote about the same island, and encrypted its map and location in their books. The only good thing about this movie, is the CGI, which was well done, no argument there.
  Overall, the movie is... a movie for children nothing more, nothing less.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Playback (2012) - Horror | Thriller

Playback (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  Avoid this movie at all costs. The plot is none existent, the characters are incredibly watered down to the point where you will find yourself not caring about them at any level and the scares where just loud noises like a loud truck or dog suddenly barking. This is not even a movie you consider if you where bored. Most of the time I found myself looking away from screen and just wondering how the directors can get away with releasing movie like this. Do yourself a favor and don't bother watching this stupid movie! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bel Ami (2012) - Drama

Bel Ami (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant, this film documents the rise (and set backs) of George Duroy, a slimy ex-army officer as he sleeps his way through every worthwhile woman in Paris. Starting as a penniless and lonely man, he rapidly carves a path through the upper levels of Parisian society, acquiring a lot of wealth and standing on the way.
   There were several times during the movie where I was like "huh? what just happened??" and had to back up the movie and watch a part over again. Maybe the book was better written, I don't know, I didn't read it. But with these kinds of adaptations, you shouldn't have to read the book in order to know what just happened in the movie. I'll end this here, since I really don't want to give any more minutes of my life to this movie. And neither should you. 

Rampart (2011) - Crime | Drama

Rampart (2011) - BAD MOVIE

  'Rampart' starts nowhere, it goes nowhere and it ends nowhere. It's just a long pathetic look at the life of a dirty cop who's living a dirty life and doing dirty things. Gee, what fun. Uninteresting, unpleasant and unmemorable.

Burning Man (2011) - Comedy | Drama | Romance

Burning Man (2011) - BAD MOVIE

  The story of this movie is not very clear. The story is jumping between reality and imagination or based on the memory of the chef. You really have to concentrate to understand the story line. Even then you still may not be able to follow it. The cinematography and color combination in scenes are brilliant, but if you are looking for something to pass your time lightly, forget this movie. This one is not something that you can enjoy without much thinking and definitely not to pass the time in blissful enjoyment. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rogue River (2012) - Horror | Thriller

Rogue River (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  There's really nothing scary or tense about the movie so you can't expect any horror elements from it. You can only get annoyed and irritated. All in all, not worth watching!

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (2012) - Comedy

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie (2012) - WORST MOVIE

  This comedy it's not funny, it's just awful! Watch anything else, read a book, learn another language, sleep - anything but Tim and Eric's pathetic and pitiful attempt to be funny. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

21 Jump Street (2012) - Action | Comedy | Crime

21 Jump Street (2012) - GREAT MOVIE

  "21 Jump Street" is probably one of the best movie adaptations I have ever seen. The comedy is genius, clever, comedic gold. The jokes were hit right on point, and each actor did a great job with their roles. The screenplay, the directing, and the cinematography are all great too.
  All in all... genuine, clever, vulgar yet respectable comedy with some heart. 
  Stoked for the sequel. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This Means War (2012) - Comedy | Action | Romance

This Means War (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  Lots of action, lots of comedy, and a very capable cast. The movie flowed pretty well and all of the funnier scenes were not in the trailer. You go in knowing the entire plot, but it doesn't matter because the movie has such a great flow, you forget you know where it's going. 'This Means War' gets a green light from me.

The Aggression Scale (2012) - Action | Thriller

The Aggression Scale (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  "The Aggression Scale" starts of loud, bloody, and messy with gangsters with guns and then switches gears to this family moving into a new house trying to start anew. The best (and only) way to describe this is that this is an over the top extreme violent version of "Home Alone". Definitely not my kind of movie.

Red Tails (2012) - Action | Adventure | Drama

Red Tails (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Watching the movie, I felt like I was watching a Playstation game. Hackneyed plot line, stereotyped characters, impossible special effects, predictable ending. Just an all-around BAD movie.