Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thin Ice (2011) - Comedy | Crime | Drama

Thin Ice (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  This movie is interesting and entertaining, even if just for the acting alone, which is superb. The movie pulled you into its uncomfortably edgy, eerie and yet comical approach. A good mix of turmoil, tension and comedy. Greg Kinnear plays the crooked insurance agent who plots to steal a million dollar violin from an old man for whom he is writing an insurance policy. Billy Crudup is very effective as the crooked locksmith who manages to get himself tangled up in the theft. Alan Arkin is great as the old man who plays the patsy, but turns out to be the real brains behind a con that was so elaborate and intricate that I find it hard to believe they could actually pull it off. 
  Worth seeing for many, but mostly for those performances.


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