Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Lorax (2012) - Animation | Comedy | Family

The Lorax (2012) - GOOD ANIMATION

  The animation was spot on, both realistic and playful. Designs was everything Suess, from the strange shaped buildings to harmonizing goldfish. Lessons to learn. Save the environment. I loved the pink cotton candy tree tops. The artificial town was quite interesting. The plastic bushes were great artwork, but of course disappointing from the green ones we know nowadays. To see the bushes inflated was hilarious, but a strong lesson compared to nowadays people trying to spoil the environment and making our planet inhospitable to growing plants. 
  No more corruption and greed, no more anger, no more chopping down trees. We need our air, so will you do your part to save the world?
  I know I will. Thank you Dr. Seuss. 

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