Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Next Three Days (2010) - Crime | Drama | Romance

The Next Three Days (2010) - GREAT MOVIE

  The best films are those where you are introduced to characters who do the unpredictable believably, or people you think will be key players die in the opening scene, someone you least expect turns out to be the murderer, these are the films that keep you guessing and keep you involved. In Paul Haggis' intense thriller he chooses a wise and well crafted angle to lure you in and hold your attention. The development of John Brennan and his gradual transformation over time before your very eyes.
   The film is for sure a classic, a heart-pounding, thrill-a-minute romantic thriller that will not only have your palms sweating, but your eyes watering as you see a desperate husband and father try to restore meaning and equilibrium in his life in keeping his family together, even if at times you feel the plot is a little far fetched, these thoughts will be clouded by your respect and admiration for this man on a one way trip mission who will do anything, and I mean anything he can to keep his family together, I mean, wouldn't you do the same? Enjoy this one!

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