Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stolen (2012) - Action | Drama | Thriller

Stolen (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  You would think Nick Cage would finally stop with the identical and always predictable actions, but this one just hits rock bottom. The moment I saw the trailer I was kind of confused as to wasn't there such movie made just a year ago with Cage? Kidnapped daughter, granddaughter, some cheap fighting scenes and banal storyline is all you can associate with Cage lately. The whole story reminds you of the typical action movies from the mid-90's and everything is so claustrophobic, it is hardly watchable. It feels as if all the action is taking place in one street. The acting is atrocious and I will not even go there with details. Cage is predictable and seems as bored with the role as he was in the second Ghost Rider movie. If you are new to Cage and under 16 you might find this remotely interesting, but otherwise, you could just find 'Gone in 60 seconds' and enjoy it again. 

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