Saturday, March 23, 2013

Life of Pi (2012) - Adventure | Drama | Fantasy

Life of Pi (2012) - GREAT MOVIE

  The film is an celebration of visionary cinematography, top-notch 3D development and poetic story telling. Not mentioning its awesome screenplay.
  It's a true masterpiece that only Ang Lee's genius can manifest from Yann Martel's fabulous writing. It is a kind of stories that send its hanging-in-the-air message through a unique fantasy, which incredibly feels real. Pi's relationship with tiger named Richard Parker in life and death situations describe human's relationship with its creator: God always understands human perfectly and human can never understand God's perfection.  
   'Life Of Pi' without any overstatement is a landmark achievement. It's a shining crown jewel in this oceanic, gigantic world of cinema. Something to be cherished and admired. And something that doesn't happen very often.
"I just told you two stories. Which one do you prefer?" "The one with the Tiger." "And so it is with God."
   I'm a believer. In something not very different from God I think.
   And yes, always "the one with the Tiger." 


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