Friday, August 30, 2013

Oblivion (2013) - Action | Adventure | Mystery

   Oblivion (2013) - BAD MOVIE

  Unfortunately, I couldn't switch my mind off during this movie, as it was so filled with inaccuracies and flaws that I found it impossible to actually enjoy it. It got to a point where I could think of nothing but everything wrong that was happening.
  This movie, set in the much too near future for any of the technology presented to be plausible, is about Jack Harper, a man left on Earth with his assigned partner after Earth's moon has been destroyed by extra terrestrials, and although the human race has won the war, they have been forced to leave Earth and live on Saturn's moon, Titan. The visual effects displayed in this film really are pleasing to the eye, and only these make the movie bearable. This being said, stunning visual effects don't make up for stupidity. 


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