Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Great Gatsby (2013) - Drama | Romance

  The Great Gatsby (2013) - GREAT MOVIE

  The Great Gatsby goes "all in". An example of great modern cinematography, retelling a timeless story that has been told many times before yet now finally in an age where it's magnitude and glory can truly peak. 
  Visuals are absolutely mesmerizing to the finest detail, timed perfectly, delivered by some exquisite camera work and goose bumps giving shots, completed with suitable costumes and decor, bringing the "Charlestone" era to life with such good taste, accenting it's luxury without over doing it. As for the cast – everybody delivers with such authenticity of emotions and character depth, it's absolutely mind blowing to watch their work unwind before your eyes. Definitely a must see!


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  1. But the OST doesn't deliver, sadly. It's hard to imagine the movie made the same guy as Romeo and Juliette and Moulin Rouge. I mean OST is not his fault, but music is bland, lukewarm and just doesn't vibrate right with the picture.