Saturday, June 30, 2012

American Reunion (2012) - Comedy

American Reunion (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  Throughout the years the American Pie franchise has dished out several sequels and spin offs. Most of these films were entertaining, but failed to compare with the original. After a while it became evident that the franchise was concerned with prolonging the inevitable fading of the original title. This is where American Reunion differed from all the rest. 
   American Reunion serves as a stand alone film, worthy of its accolades. This film was able to bridge the gap back to the first film, while borrowing and indirectly implying to the events that occurred in the previous sequels; all while remaining its own film. It was pleasing to see the original characters, as well as, other minor roles that made the films memorable. American Reunion is, as its title implies, a reunion with a lost art. The teen comedy at its finest. Overall, it was like reuniting with old friends and picking up where you last left off. It is worth watching, even if you haven't seen the original. 


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