Saturday, June 30, 2012

Big Miracle (2012) - Drama | Romance

Big Miracle (2012) - GOOD MOVIE

  In the late 80's, in the Alaska wilderness, three whales are trapped in foaming ice, they must be get free or they'll die. This becomes big news, every news person from country to country is covering it. Politicians star getting involved, so does the coast guard. But time is running out for the whales, will they get free, or will it be too late?
  Much like "Dolphin Tale" this is a great family movie that everyone, not just the kids will love. 

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  1. Big Miracle was a great movie and the kids definitely enjoyed it as well. When you have two young children, finding quality entertainment is hard. A co-worker suggested Blockbuster @ Home for kids movies. Not only do they have a large variety available for home delivery and streaming to TV, they also have extra channels. Now I get to spend more time with the whole family because I’m not running around looking for movies anymore.