Monday, June 25, 2012

Detachment (2012) - Drama

Detachment (2012) - BAD MOVIE

  Death, suicide, dementia, violence, abuse, neglect, indifference, decay, despair. These are just a few of the themes 'Detachment' is about. No, this is not a happy movie. Every time you think you've reached the bottom, things get even worse. Neither is it an easy movie. Watching it requires a real effort. There is no relief, it's one depressing scene after another.
  My problem with this film is that both stories fail to soar - you have on one hand the chubby girl whose character screams "suicide" from her first scene, and the young hooker, who gets killed off (i.e. sent away to social services, "exit stage left") as soon as the relationship with the main character becomes ambiguous. In a similar way, all minor characters get turned over as soon as they try to make an impact in the story. I agree it's a dramatic film, but it tries to be too far-reaching and just self-destroys in the end. There is no moral, no story, no hope of salvation.

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