Sunday, February 19, 2012

J. Edgar (2011) - Biography | Crime | Drama

J. Edgar (2011) - GOOD MOVIE

  The story evolves around the life of Edgar Hoover (Leonardo Dicaprio), who was the founder of the FBI. It shows his rise to power, and his American dream to make this world a better place. Clint Eastwood did a wonderful job at bring this amazing story to life. I loved how the film paced back and forth (one moment comes to mind when they enter the elevator old, and leave it young in a flashback). His simplistic composition really added to the sadness and dramatic elements of the film.
  "J. Edgar" is a well-made, thought-provoking film. It handles the public image of Hoover while giving us insight into his soul. The film takes us through many decades at the different junctures of Hoover's life. He left quite a legacy, but it's hard to say exactly who he really was. Right or wrong, Clint Eastwood's film does a fine job of putting the pieces of the puzzle known as J. Edgar Hoover together to try to make sense of the FBI icon. I'm sure there are a few pieces missing, but are we not all flawed in some way? "J. Edgar" tells it like it is. 
  Overall, J. Edgar is a good movie with a good cast and great performances. This is a very well done movie. There were a few flaws; the makeup used to age some of the characters was a little odd and not convincing taking away from the movie. 

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