Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Korean modern dramas ~ Part I ~

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.” Federico Fellini

Secret Garden (시크릿 가든) - GREAT DRAMA
Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy, melodrama

  Secret Garden is the best romantic comedy-fantasy drama. A total package drama! An awesome cast, witty, romantic, tons of high and lows script, very well directed. What more can you ask for? It will make you smile, laugh your ass off, and cry your eyeballs out! Each episode is filled with twists and excitement. Once you watch the first episode there will be no turning back! ^^ 

49 Days (49일 ) - GREAT DRAMA
Genre: Fantasy, romance

  This drama is about death but ironically, it’s also about valuing life and not giving up. It teaches us a lot of things we usually take for granted or didn’t realise it at all. It also constantly remind us to live our life without regret, always show our love to our parents and open our eyes to see who is true to us.
  Overall, this is a great series inspirational, great cast, nice storyline, lots of twist and most of all tearjerker! From the beginning to the end, it kept me hooked.

P.S.  I DARE YOU TO: Live your life as if you only have 49 days!

Bad Guy (나쁜남자) - GOOD DRAMA
Genre: Thriller, melodrama, mystery

  The first few episodes start off slow, and that’s probably where most people lose the patience to continue. This drama is a multi-layered revenge story with a lot of colorful characters and raging passion. The acting in this drama is wonderful, a lot due to Kim Nam Gil.  He is an actor who can really embody his character and become it, which I enjoy immensely. His character approaches the family that owns Haeshin and proceeds to mess with them and manipulate them to his advantage.  All for revenge baby!
  My only disappointment is the ending.  I really feel like they rushed things and tried to tie up all the ends due to the cut off and I believe with the extra three episodes that it was originally supposed to have, it could have been a lot better.  I do feel though that there could be a sequel.  But who knows?

 Boys over Flowers (꽃보다 남자)- GOOD DRAMA
 Genre: Romance, comedy

  This drama has it's great episodes and some others that are not so great. But I think it's still a charming drama with some great actors. Funny, stylish, lot of up and down moments, rich people with houses as big as shopping malls! You gotta see it.

Loving You a Thousand Times (천만번 사랑해) - GOOD DRAMA
Genre: Romance, melodrama

  A story of love, devotion, and sacrifice.  It was a very touching story that told us how a daughter would go to great lengths to save her father's life, never thinking of her future.  A very unselfish act of a daughter led her to experience so much pain and heartache, and how it almost cost her life with a very forgiving husband who loved her that much to even forsake his family if need be. 
  A very sad story, but was glad that it did not end tragically. Heartwrenching, yet very moving.

 Temptation of an Angel (천사의 유혹) - GOOD DRAMA
 Genre: Melodrama

  This is an intense drama that also has moments that will lighten the mood. Full of twists and turns. It showed how greed and revenge turns people into. Hiding secrets doesn't help, like they said, there's no such thing as secrets, because sooner or later, it will come out.
  All in all, if you like dramas full of revenge and romance despite the fact that it’s highly unrealistic, then this is a drama that you must watch!

City Hunter (시티헌터) - BAD/GOOD DRAMA
Genre: Action, suspense, romance

  Started out great and has gone down hill.
 "City Hunter" is a strange success story, overrated. It's almost completely unfaithful to it's source material, had a string of baffling and includes a number of well-known Korean drama cliches, plus the exaggerated commercial of a certain brand. Yeah, the story is packed with action, maybe that's what entertained people, but the fans gushing about the romance, what romance? I think the main couple kissed ONE time and it was not even a real kiss and then the lead guy didn't show a lot of interest in the girl, he was too focused on his mission and then the ending was so ridiculous with no real indication of what has happened to the main characters.
  I would have like to see more about the mother’s life and others, than this candystore romance between City Hunter and Nana (oh yeah, she makes great coffee, loves children, does needle point and gives him her aunt’s kimchi…. hello?)

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  1. 7 dramas, and only 3 I have seen from this list...Definitely the best is Secret Garden, I loved it, even though it took me some "episodes" to start liking the male in this series. After that, all went smothly, because of Ha Ji Won, which is an amazing actress. She always makes me cry. The next one is 49 Days. I never thought it will catch me so fast, but it did. It was such a touching story.
    The last I saw from your review is Temptation of an Angel, a drama full of idiotic mistakes, but, even so, I liked it. The main female character seeks for revenge, then the main male character seeks for revenge, it is full of revengefull thoughts, but it catches you.