Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Rum Diary (2011) - Comedy | Drama | Romance

The Rum Diary (2011) - BAD MOVIE

  OK, I understand that for die-hard Johnny Depp fans, this is probably something they have looked forward to and can enjoy. While I enjoy the actor's performance in general, the movie as a whole is very, very disappointing.
  If not true to it's title, it seems like whoever wrote the script or the book it was based on in a drunken stupor, going from one "adventure" into the next and shambling and swaying through it. There is no real binding plot, no "larger picture" that is interesting enough to be captivating, and it seems tied together with a far-fetched, almost haphazard thread to try and give it some semblance of coherence.
   Overall, this story rings a bit hollow and there are just too many missing pieces and too many holes.

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